Snooky Wookums is a villain character in Krypto the Superdog. He doubles as Mechanikat's sidekick, who uses his cuteness to get around others. He is enemies with Krypto the Superdog and The Dog Star Patrol. But not these enemies as The Pup Star Patrol.

Appearances EditEdit

Meet The Dog Stars

Dem Bones

Top Dog

Puss In Space Boots

Circus of The Dog Stars

Bones Of Contention

The New Recruit

Puppy Problems

Bat Hound Meets The Dog Stars

Growing Pains

Join The Club

Tusky's Tooth

Machina Bot


Solar Specs

Abilities EditEdit

Despite Snooky uses a lot of Mechanikat's weapons, Snooky has abilities he rarely uses.

Spell Collar- With this collar, Snooky can make anyone stronger any his or Mechanikat's loyal minion.

Hairballs- Snooky's Hairballs can project off of a few surfaces and will explode will it interacts with metal.

Claws- Like Isis, Snooky's claws are bigger and sharper than the average cat, and can paralyzed his target for a few seconds.

Agility- During his fight with Drooly, Snooky was able to dodge all of Drooly's attacks until Drooly used his Drool Tsunami.

Gallery Edit Edit

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