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Puppy Tail Terrier is a character in Krypto the Superdog. (AKA Adventures of the Super Puppies Series). He is a green Cairn Terrier. He uses his tail as a lasso and talks and acts like a cowboy. He does not appear with the other Dog Stars in the episode, "Puppy Problems." He is best friends with Puppy Bull Dog. (But he appears in other episodes with the other Dog Stars who are now Pup Stars). Puppy Tail Terrier may only be seen in "Adventures of the Super Puppies" and "Krypto the Superpup".

Powers and Abilities Edit Edit

Alien Physiology: Tail Terrier is an alien dog from another planet who has the ability to manipulate his tail,

  • Tail Manipulation: Tail Terrier is able to extend his tail to various lengths to use similar to a rope and whip.

Weaknesses Edit

Kryptonite Pox: Gets sick while coughing and sneezing.