Krypta is a fanmade Krypto the Superdog Character.


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She's a small puppy with a big heart. She's really sweet and always does good. But she is mischievous sometimes.


She's a white Labrador puppy. She has blue eyes, and three long eyelashes on each eye. She wears a bright yellow collar, a pink cape, and a yellow and pink Superman "S" tag. But when she poses as a normal house-dog, she just wears her collar. She also wears ribbons on her ears, different-looking depending on the episode. For example, in "Old Dog, New Tricks," her ribbons have flames. And in "Storybook Holiday," her ribbons had red and green stripes. She's friends with all the characters in the show besides the villains. And she's not fond of Thunder-mutt.



Krypto first met Krypta in the special "Krypta's Debut." The Downtown Dogs trapped her in a heated car, Krypto got her out, and let her go. Then she was sleeping in the rocket, much to Krypto's surprise, and he shows her to Kevin. His family lets him adopt her, and he names her Kryptania or "Krypta" as she's called. Now she lives with Krypto, Kevin, and Melanie. She and Krypto are crime-fighting partners. It's rumored that both have a crush on one another (Partner Shipping)

Hot DogEdit

Krypta first meets Hot Dog in "Meet the Dog Stars." Hot Dog is rumored to develop a crush on her and it's probably one of the reasons of his and Tusky Husky's fights (Heat Shipping)


Krypta had her first encounter with Snooky in "Meet The Dog Stars." Even though they're enemies, it's rumored that inside there's something more about them (Enemy Shipping)

Tusky HuskyEdit

Krypta meets Tusky Husky before his TV Debut. It's rumored that he likes her and it's one of the reasons of his fights with Hot Dog (French Shipping)


Krypta first met Jimmy in "The Dark Hound Strikes." When she saw him, she said "Hey, you're cute!" giving out a hint (Cheese Shipping)


Krypta has her first encounter with Bud in "The Dark Hound Strikes!" when he develops a huge crush on her, leaving her unapproved. But it's rumored that inside, she likes him in a different way (Joke Shipping)


Krypta has her first encounter with Waddles in "Bat-Hound for a Day" when she loses her powers from kryptonite. He has a secret crush on her, and it's hinted that she feels the same way (Ice Shipping)


Krypta and Smokey were best friends since they first met. Since some of Krypto's missions are too dangerous for Krypta, he asks Smokey to babysit her til he comes back. And Krypta has a lot of fun in those experiences. She's a good girl, but she usually gets into mischief. Like getting on the ceiling and giving Smokey a "Ticklish Test," by stroking a feather, Smokey's tail, and her fingers on Smokey's tummy (His most ticklish spot on his body) But he seems cool about it when it's over. It's rumored that the two are infatuated with one another (Fire Shipping)


Krypta first met Blaze in "Old Dog, New Tricks" when it was his first day. Streaky immediately thinks that the two are meant for each other, which Krypta disapproves. But it's rumored that inside, she agrees with him (Young Shipping)


Krypta first met Squeaky in "My Uncle, the Superhero." They fight a lot, but it's hinted that inside, they like each other (Club Shipping)


Krypta first meets Robbie in "Bat-Hound and the Robin, when he appears in the ship undetected. And she's the only one who smiles at this time, giving out hints (Wonder Shipping)

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